Group by 1 is a blog by Matt Arderne. Hello.

The writing is generally about data systems as they relate to improving business productivity, and beyond into data technology.

Posts are long, infrequent and written for a very niche audience. See below.

Who is Matt Arderne

  • Data Engineer → Head of Data → Consultant → “Founder”

  • Quite a few Tweets, not much LinkedIn, but happy to connect

  • Personal site and contact here

Nice things that nice people have said

I don’t write very often, and generally am writing with only my peers in mind. They have said some nice things that make doing this feel worthwhile.

Listing them here so I don’t forget. Each have shared valuable insights and contributed extensively to the various communities, and so I especially value their thoughts.

Pedram, data expert and twitter expert
Timo Dechau - Data & Product
Arpit Choudhury - growth expert

No higher praise ☺️ Benn is regularly excellent. Stephen is irregular and excellent
Bart Vandekerckhove - complements from Dutch not taken lightly <3

The dbt Roundup - ANNA FILIPPOVA


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